akbar birbal ki kahani | akbar birbal ki story

akbar birbal ki kahani | akbar birbal ki story
akbar birbal ki kahani | akbar birbal ki story

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akbar birbal ki kahani :- Once the kingdom of King Akbar was stolen. In this theft, a thief stole very valuable goods from a businessman’s house. That businessman was convinced that the thief was one of his 10 servants, but he did not know who he was.

To know who is a thief! The merchant went to Birbal and asked Birbal for help. Birbal also said yes on this and told his soldiers that all 10 servants should be put in jail / jail. On hearing the same day all the servants were captured by the soldiers. Birbal asked everyone who had committed the theft, but no one refused to believe that he had committed the theft.

Birbal thought for a while, and after some time he came carrying a stick of ten equal length and held each stick to all the chosen people. But while holding a stick, Birbal said one thing! The stick of that person will be 2 inches larger, the person who has stolen it. Saying this, Birbal went and instructed his soldiers not to leave any of them till morning.

When Birbal looked carefully at the stick of all the servants in the morning, it was found that one of the servants’ stick was 2 inches smaller. Birbal said just after seeing this This is a thief.

Later, seeing that merchant asked Birbal how he came to know that the thief is the same. Birbal said that the thief had reduced his stick by 2 inches at night time due to fear of his rod becoming 2 inches larger.


Truth never hides, so never lie in life.

akbar birbal ki kahani
akbar birbal ki kahani

birbal ki kahani

akbar birbal ki kahani:- Once the emperor Akbar ordered an artisan to make ironclad, which he wears on the occasion of military war. After a few days as per the orders of the king, the artisan prepared a Bakhtiar bandh and appeared before the emperor.

The artisan had left no stone unturned in making it. The emperor Akbar liked that iron cloth very much, but the very second he began to doubt his strength. He ordered the cloth to be worn by a mannequin and, taking the sword himself, proceeded to test its strength. As soon as Akbar attacked the Bakhtar bandh, it exploded in one blow.

Seeing this, the king got angry and said so weak speech… .. Oh, fool, if we had taken this into a war without testing it, what would be the defense? Go, bring another strong potter, but remember that if you are too weak like this, your neck will be blown off.

The artisan was horrified after hearing the wrath of Akbar Emperor, but what did he do, he saluted Akbar Emperor and returned to his home. Seeing his landed face, his wife asked the reason,

Then the artisan told the command of the emperor Akbar that now it is difficult to save my life. His wife was very clever, started saying why are you afraid of anything, why not go to Birbal and ask for any way to escape? Encouraged by the wife’s words, the artisan went to Birbal and told him all the things and prayed for his life.

Birbal made him a fan and said, “You take that iron pot with the Akbar emperor, when the emperor Akbar commands the man to wear a wooden statue, then tell him that it cannot be tested on a wooden statue. I myself take it , Then the Akbar king will accept your prayer, but take care that as soon as he or someone pounces on the weapon to wield a sword, you suddenly shout To generate the big terrible situation.

So that his hand trembles and he becomes distraught and stands away, if he can do the appropriate work well then surely your life will be saved. Asked by Akbar Emperor, to explain the reason that the man wearing this armor will have a mannequin or not, he must have some power, then why will he let his opponent around him?

And even if an enemy comes near, the arm of the armored wearer will have some fear and he will not be able to break it easily. Birbal’s stated strategy was understood by the artisan. After two-three days, he went to the court of Akbar Emperor by making a second iron pot. The emperor Akbar ordered Bakht to wear an effigy of the wood again.

The artisan refrained from speaking about Birbal and prayed to Akbar to test Bakht on his body, Akbar Badshah accepted his request and ordered a clever soldier to test Bakhtar by driving him smart. As soon as the soldier raised the sword, he tightly pressed it towards the artisan soldier and the sword of the soldier was raised and he stood away in fear.

Akbar Badshah asked the artisan the reason for doing this. The artisan replied to Akbar according to Birbal’s teachings. Hearing this, the emperor Akbar said, the artisans are right about you, but who told you this truth? Karigar said the truth in the court. Akbar’s emperor and all the courtiers were very pleased with Birbal’s cleverness.

akbar birbal ki kahani :- One day Akbar asked Birbal, “Birbal, can you tell me how many bangles are in my wife’s hands”? Birbal said, “Hazoor, forgive me I don’t know”. Why, you see my wife’s hands every day, you should know, Akbar said angrily.

Birbal said, “Maharaj, let’s go to Zara Bagh”. There I will tell you why I do not know the answer to this question. And both went towards the garden. As they walked, they moved towards the steps of the garden. Suddenly Birbal said, “Maharaj, you climb through these steps many times a day, can you tell me how many steps they are”.

Hearing this Akbar only smiled and changed the topic.

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