bhoot wali kahani aatma ke saath khel

bhoot wali kahani aatma ke saath khel
bhoot wali kahani aatma ke saath khel

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bhoot wali kahani :- In the village where I am posted, there are quarters for teachers only, located on the premises of the school. On the front side of this compound without a yard is a large playground, where children play during school. On the other three sides are fields and shrubs. Located in a remote area, in a village without access, tass leaves are the only means of entertainment. I was unmarried, so after dinner, other teaching companions used to play in my own quarters. It must have been the month of September-October. One, there were light clouds in the sky and it was a dark night, so the darkness outside was denser. My bed was sitting near the window that opened towards the bushes, sitting in which four friends were playing in the dim light of the lantern.

Arranging the leaves of the tass, I took four beedis out of the bundle’s bundle and smoothed it out of the match and proceeded to the companions. We all started taking puffs of bidis. A friend said – “Abe, you will drink, won’t you?”

I said – “Abe, I have given you too, why do you joke?”

But the truth was that he did not take a bidi. We wondered where that fourth place was placed? Who took

Our daily routines and habits become conservative. The next day the same venue was decorated. I then put the bidi on, but I was alert that day. While sharing the bidi, I was closely monitoring and wanted to capture the cleverness of yesterday. The other three companions were busy with their leaves unaware of these things. Then a hand came in through the open window on the hillside. It was obvious that he too had to bid. With surprise, I focused on the man standing outside the window. The darkness outside was dense and it was not possible to identify the person in the pale, dim light of the lantern burning inside the room. But suddenly I shivered once upon seeing both eyes burning on his face. I put a smoldering bidi on his hand. With the bidi, both her hands and burning eyes disappeared.

kahani bhoot wali

The presence of a genie was often discussed in the village around the school at night, and due to this fear, people used to fear coming here when the darkness was over; And often we used to instruct people in this regard too. When someone came for a bidi inside the window and seeing the two eyes burning on his fog outside, the fear of that genie came to my mind. This fear should not spread among friends, so at that time I did not mention this incident to anyone.

Due to the fear of the so-called genie, I could not sleep properly that night, though no such incident happened in the night. On meeting friends in the morning, I first mentioned the same thing and a day before I exposed the mystery of Bidi’s disappearance. Lines of fear were visible on the faces of friends.

After much deliberation, we decided that the matter should remain between the four of us, this incident should not be mentioned to anyone else because the first thing – the people of the village have already done this kind of incident around this school campus Have been believing in this, this will strengthen their faith. Due to their superstition, they naturally believe in the existence of ghosts and that is why it will not take time to spread panic in the village. Or the other thing – maybe someone did mischief to scare us; And if that happens, then we will all be ridiculed. It is necessary to understand the reality of the incident before taking any step.

darawni kahaniya

The next night, we sat with full preparation to understand the reality of the incident. Like other days, we opened the window. The number of lanterns was increased to meet the lack of light. As soon as I lit the bidi, that hand again came in through the window. We all set our eyes on the person standing outside the window. Seeing her burning eyes amidst the black rough face, a wrinkle of fear ran over our body, weeping. One lifted the flashlight, but I refused it. He left with a bidi.

Now every day this incident started recurring.
It is almost a week later. That day one of our companions had gone out for some work and only three of us were playing the same game. Suddenly, like a gust of wind, the man came in through the window and sat at the place of the fourth companion. A normal person could not enter in this way through a window because strong iron bars were placed on his frame. He had white clothes on his body which bhoot wali kahani had become muddy. The eyes were burning as usual. This much was certain that he was a human being, an unorthodox creature and at least not a resident of this village.

So far, he had not caused any harm to any of us, so the fear in us was completely eradicated from him, yet none of us was ready for this event and once again We all trembled inside. We could not even speak because of fear. Next time he too was distributed cards. I lit the bidi and moved towards him and said – “Come Kaka?”

He neither gave any answer to my words nor did he get any kind of expression on his face. We finished our game early that night. The man walked out the same window without saying anything to anyone.

Although he had not harmed any of us till now, it was not appropriate for such an incident to continue. The next day, we discussed a lot to get rid of this problem.

bhoot wali stories

In conclusion, it was clear that he was a non-human being, but good by nature. According to the villagers, a few years ago someone from the village died suddenly. His soul used to wander around. It could have been the same. The final conclusion turns out that he has a habit of drinking bidi and comes to us in want of bidi.

A friend said – “He is also fond of playing cards.” You might not have noticed, he keeps watching us playing cards from outside the window.

A friend suggested a remedy to get help from a tantric and to make a mantric security ring around the premises.

I was not in favor of the tantric because such activity in the school premises would have a negative impact on the mental condition of the children studying and the administration could have taken action against us. Suddenly a solution came to my mind. I said – “Why don’t we offer a katti and match box on the tomb of that person and join hands?”

All three friends gladly agreed to my remedy.

The other said – “We will also keep a deck of cards together.”

We all gladly agreed to this suggestion.

We did the same in the evening.

Our idea worked. He did not come that night. We breathed a sigh of relief.

A friend argued that after the bidi is over, he can come again, so this sequence of bidi offering should be maintained.

His suggestion was also accepted and every evening, the procession started on that samadhi and the match-offering started.

bhoot bhoot wali kahani

One day someone from the village saw us laying on the tomb. He asked the reason for this. On that day we were forced to tell him about the whole incident. The talk spread throughout the village and from that day onwards the villagers started offering bidi-matches at that tomb.

We never saw him again.


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