horror stories in English/Halloween specials for all my supporters

horror stories in English/Halloween specials for all my supporters

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horror stories in English:- This story about the famous horror story of Shining that in America there a hotel call Over Look which opens only once a year in the month of October,

during the rest of the year, no one comes here because there is a lot of snow in this place. This time, a man needs to take care of the entire hotel,

because at that time there no one in the hotel, a writer named Sam to work for his next book. A was looking for a very quiet place.

He went with his wife and son to stay in the hotel for a few days. Sam found Akka a very quiet place to write his book and the hotel had an employee to look after him. Dain Baato Bato told that ten years from now,

the man used to take care of the hotel, his name was Nick and he had gone mad, he had killed his wife and both children badly. That was different from children,

horrible story in English:-

he always lost in himself and used to say something in his heart, Sam and his wife use to look at their child and think that he playing but in fact, Sam’s son Herri some power.

Who used to tell about all the people, whenever someone comes in front of him, he would know in his mind what he was going to do, because of his powers,

Harry was able to see all the incidents that happened in the hotel and that From what he had seen from his powers, he came to know that staying in that hotel is not good for him

and he always kept asking his parents to go from there, he always tell that there be redrum here but his The parents could not understand his words,

Sam would always sit in the basement of the hotel and write his book and whenever his wife came in that basement, he would get disturbed and he would ask Gus. Sam use to get upset and shout at his wife.

horror stories in English/Halloween specials for all my supporters

scary stories in English:-

Once after fighting with his wife, Sam went to the hotel bar. There was a bartender who was giving him yellow wine but at that time there was no one in the hotel other than his family.

Sam tell the bartender that my wife and my son come to haunt me even after refusing me so many times that I get very upset and write my book The bartender tell that when my wife and my daughters did not listen to me,

I use to punish them and one day I get upset and kill them. That bartender was nobody else but working here just years ago. Wala was the same person who killed his own family and later also killed himself,

who now became a ghost and was telling Sam to die to his family. I chanting and he also felt that he should do the same thing as he did to his family.

The ghost told Sam to go and you also finish your family because they bother you with that ghost. After telling the story, Sam went mad and took an ax lying in the basement to leave his wife and son to die.

ghost story for English project:-

Sam’s son see this before his powers and he tell his mother that A radrum is about to happen but her mummy able to understand her

but then Herri tried to understand this by writing her mummy on the wall and she wrote the rudram on the wall. There was a lead right in front of the wall. If that led to,

then she show him that Redrum meant Murder, which the opposite of Redrum, Herri wanted to tell her mummy that she going to be murder here,

which she would always tell by calling it Redrum. Or use to do that which going to be true today, when Sam took an ax with him in hand, then Harri’s mummy understood what her son wanted to say,

then Sam’s wife took a bat by skimming and took her son from there. Sam also started running away and started chasing them both, running in the corridor, while running away in the corridor,

Sam’s wife saw the ghost of the family dying there, all of them following behind them. And when both of them reached the door of the hotel,

horror stories in English/Halloween specials for all my supporters

real ghost stories in English:-

the ghost of the bartender with an ax in hand was also standing and Sam was also behind them. Both of them could not understand that both of them should save and tell

that Harry and his mother very More scare but still he hit him with the bat in his hand and hit him hard on Sam’s head and quickly ran out of the hotel Sam got up and chase them again to the outside of the hotel.

But he did not get both of them outside. Sam searched them both for a long time and finally, Sam died due to cold in the snow.

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