bhoot wali kahani/ritu reporter horror story in hindi

ritu reporter horror story in hindi

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horror story in hindi:- This video is made by khooni monday sir if you want to subscribe to his youtube channel, then below is the link of his youtube channel, you can also click on that link and go to his youtube channel.

horror story in hindi:- This story is of a girl named Ritu who was a reporter who used to go to different places every day and bring news for her newspaper and it was her job to carry her phone with her all the time and wherever she used to think If an incident could become a news, she would immediately take a photo of it or make a video of it. One day Ritu was going to her house late at night. It seemed as if a storm was about to come, suddenly Ritu felt that someone from behind sounded to him Ritu turned behind and saw a terrible black shadow which was standing silently at the rate of Ritu. Accidentally, the phone fell to the ground when he picked up his phone and lit the flashlight again, then there was no one there. He thought that this is all his fate, he started walking back home but then someone called his name. And she thought that she would record everything with her phone camera. She turned on her phone’s selfie camera and tried to see who was calling her but she did not see anything on her phone’s camera. Still, there was no one, then suddenly the black shadow came in front of her,

Ritu understood that that black shadow is not a man but a soul, that soul was pointing at one hand with his hand as if he was telling her to go to that side, Ritu started walking on the same side in fear, where the soul was pointing, the soul took Ritu to a condom and suddenly disappeared from there, Ritu gave some people Seen Ritu was still recording everything on his camera, Ritu could not see anything remotely, so he tried to zoom in the camera to see what the people are doing and that Ritu recorded everything in his phone. Take There were some people working with some tools like those people are hiding in some ground, they understood that something is going wrong there. Ritu recorded so much and she ran away in fear,

the next day she recorded that news. The people who saw the paper took a team with the police and went to the place where Ritu had seen everything happening. When his team went digging there, they found the body of a girl. It was thought that she was just two days old, and immediately sent that body for post-mortem and found out about that body, the police found out that the girl is the daughter of the richest man in the city, she was married to a man It was with the police that further search revealed that the rich man had given all his land to his daughter and that is why her husband had planned to kill his wife and his father so that all of them The police caught the man so that he could become the owner of Pisces. The girl’s husband was punished by Ritu. Everyone was applauded for his bravery and Ritu saw the black soul who was smiling at him. Ritu never thought that the soul was of the same girl who was killed.

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