kahani bhoot wali/ 3 सबसे डरावनी कहानी भूत वाली

kahani bhoot wali/ 3 सबसे डरावनी कहानी भूत वाली
kahani bhoot wali/ 3 सबसे डरावनी कहानी भूत वाली

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train wali chudail/bhoot wali darawni kahaniya

kahani bhoot wali Friends, my name is Archana and I am from Madhya Pradesh. Today I am going to tell you the true incident that happened with my family. I am married in a village in Uttar Pradesh, which is 150 km from Jhansi. My mother-in-law’s father-in-law had died many years ago.

Regarding the death of my mother-in-law’s father-in-law, the villagers say that they had sacrificed a child many years ago in the greed to get money built into the land. And after the death of that child, his soul killed my mother-in-law. When I heard all these things from the villagers, initially I did not believe these things. But one day incident exposed me to this truth.

Four years ago today, both my husband and I went to our in-laws ‘in-laws’ house to celebrate them. We cooked food there and made some people eat food. That day we were very tired and when we were going to the terrace to sleep at night, then my husband started muttering in some strange sounds like a small child is speaking. I was very nervous and then in the voice of my husband and child, my mother-in-law told the complete story of her sacrifice 25 years ago. I listened to the whole story and understood that the soul of that child has come in my husband’s body.

The soul of the child who entered my husband’s body also told him the complete address of his house and he was absolutely right. After that incident, two or three times, that soul would enter my husband’s body and speak to take him to Gaya for his salvation. He never returned to kahani bhoot wali the house after those two or three incidents. That house in that village is still deserted and there have been many deaths in the last twenty years. That soul says that this house belongs to him now. Whenever someone from our village comes here, every time a new incident is heard. Now I have got a talisman in my husband’s neck and no soul comes to him.

kahani bhoot wali/ 3 सबसे डरावनी कहानी भूत वाली
kahani bhoot wali/ 3 सबसे डरावनी कहानी भूत वाली

मौत का बदला/bhoot wali kahani

Friends, my name is Manish Vyas. And I am from Jaipur. I worked as a sales agent for the agency selling chocolate. Throughout the day, I had to travel 30 to 50 km. And we had to take orders for our product by meeting different people and identify the goods. Sometimes the owner of the agency used to give me a bike and sometimes the rickshaw. Three months ago, I was confronted by a terrible ghost, that since then I have caught the bed in fear and fear.

It happened that as usual, I started waiting for an auto rickshaw at the bus stand by taking a list of pens, calculators and customers. Then an old auto rickshaw stopped coming to me. I saw a curly long-haired, dark-colored, middle-aged man with white clothes inside.

The rickshaw guy asked me “where to go”

I told him “four hours work.” And have to stop at ten to fifteen jagahs. ”

He said “Okay sit down … I sat down but felt something strange … like someone is stopping me from going with him”

He started driving an auto rickshaw and audio tape was put on by Baja. He was playing shlokas with some tantra mantra and used to take out an auto rickshaw from far away temples coming in the path and shouted angrily at the temple as if he was suffering. Seeing all this, I was convinced that there kahani bhoot wali  was something wrong with this auto man, either he was mad, or there was a ghost in it. I immediately asked him to stop the auto rickshaw because now I am afraid of him. Was

He told me, “Brother, Brake is not working. Keep sitting quietly”

I started shouting in the rickshaw. He started laughing loudly like a human maniac. And then he turned completely around his cock 180 degrees and stared at me and said, “If you scream, I will take you into my world…”

Hearing this, I was stunned, my tongue slid down. Now I was referring to that mysterious person. He roamed me in an auto rickshaw on deserted paths for hours and suddenly stopped me by stopping the auto rickshaw… and said, “What should I do in a cold-blooded man like you… You are of no use to me… Get off and run away… my With an auto rickshaw… otherwise, I will swallow you right here… ”

I wanted to run away from that auto-rickshaw but my legs were frozen. And the breath was stopped. Like a paralyzed person, he was sitting helpless and going to listen to it. He then shouted angrily, hit me on the head with a claw full of rings and jumped like a ball and fell on the road… And became insensitive.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the footpath near the same auto-rickshaw. When I looked at my watch, it was 12 o’clock in the afternoon. And the people standing at the bus stand were looking at me with hatred and damnation. As if I am an alcoholic… and have drunk and fallen on the road.
I did not even have the power to get up. kahani bhoot wali I called my friend while lying down and called for help. And he took me from there to my house. Even today I am under the shadow of fear and the same fear keeps haunting me that if I encounter the ghost of that auto-rickshaw again, what will I do?

kahani bhoot wali/ 3 सबसे डरावनी कहानी भूत वाली
kahani bhoot wali/ 3 सबसे डरावनी कहानी भूत वाली

भूत पिशाच

Today I am going to tell the truth that happened with Vinesh’s father Bawanbhai. Bawanbhai was an employee in the electricity department. And Bawanbhai Bhutia used to choose places and roam there and dare to come from above. Vinesh’s father also used to enjoy Tantrikas and Aghoris. All of Bawanbhai’s fun came out on the day he met a bloodsucking freak vampire.
It happened that on the next day of Diwali, on the day of “Kali-Chaudashi”, Bawanbhai was going on a job. He saw that at the crossroads, someone made a circle with water and kept lemon, mawa tree and red cloth in it.

Bawanbhai picked up everything and after going to the office she put the material on the table. And asking for breakfast, he ate the lemons and pedas that he saw for breakfast. And cleaned the mouth with a red cloth and threw it into the gutter. “Bawanbhai did not know what trouble he had fallen into.” He was a vampire landed on the square and was freed by an Aghori at the Chowk. Now that phantom was going to catch Bawan Bhai through lemon and pea.

Bawan Bhai’s head started getting heavier as the day progressed. And as soon as noon came, he vomited blood. All the office workers were shocked to see this and immediately Bawanbhai had to be taken to the hospital. The doctor put them on glucose but how can the doctor drive the disease named vampire?

At night, the vampire started the travel. At times, Bawanbhai’s stomach would have been inflated and sometimes he would have gone inside. Sometimes they used to dance in front of them and sometimes they used to bite them. Sometimes he used to get his throat and sometimes tore his clothes. Bawan Bhai immediately had to be taken home from the hospital. Where they had to be tied. It was very sad to see my friend’s father’s condition.

His condition lasted for three months. In these three months, he became weak winning a cancer patient. And he had even stopped talking to everyone. His family members left no stone unturned to cure Bawanbhai. Tried medicine, dua, scolding, love all. But Bawanbhai became uncontrollable and sick day by day. In the end, the doctor also raised his hands and said that his illness is beyond our understanding. kahani bhoot wali

Then the miracle happened. And an Aghori / monk came to Bawanbhai’s house. He just said that I have come to take him to my house, who has a mysterious problem in front of me. My friend Vinesh’s mother immediately put her husband Bawanbhai standing there. The monk / Aghori then said, go and get some pedals (sweets) and lemon in red cloth.

Aunt immediately brought all the ingredients. And that Aghori Sadhu asked all the fifty-two brothers to do the same. Then Aghori ate the hemp and the lemon itself. And tied the red cloth around his neck. Then he threw water on the head of Bawanbhai and drank the water himself. And went from there.

In the three days after Aghori Sadhu left, Bawanbhai became like he was. And the strange thing is that Bawanbhai does not even remember what his own condition was. And even today, they do not believe in ghosts, witches, peasants, and the mind keeps on challenging the extraterrestrial powers. And living life with fun.

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