the horror story of shining part-2

the horror story of shining part-2

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the horror story :- Doctor Sleep, the impact of what happened to Dyan in his over-locked hotel during his childhood, was on Dyan to date when Dyan grew up and

when people came to know about Dyan’s strength so that he could see the past and future of people. So he gave the name of strength to Shining.

Dyan could talk through his mind with people like him who used to work in a hospital and let the dying people get relief from their strength.

He used to try and became very upset with this power of his shining as he always kept looking at the past and future of people’s problems,

due to this he used to keep his power down with alcohol and cigarettes and only when needed. Used to use but one day he met a girl named Abra,

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Abra also had the power to shine and she considered it magic but Dyan told her that it is not magic. And it is called Shining. There are certain types of people in the world who have such power.

Dyan told that he knew two people like him and all of them had died, now he is just a human being. Who knew that Dining could do all the people who knew the shining modeled.

There a group of people who had some shining people who would kill people who were doing another shining when one sh When the man who was dining was killed,

his strength came out of him, which he used to take in himself, which further increased his strength. Dyan and Abra became good friends in a short time,

but when Dyan got that group When he came to know about it, he knew that soon all of them could come to kill these two as well.

Dyan went to other shining people about this and Dyan and the rest of the people of that group Plans to kill Zoe one by one. Dyan finds out that the group has killed shining people.

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After this Dyan searches them all one by one and starts killing them and finally they face both of them at the head of that group.

It happens that the head killing people for a long time, after which his strength lost. Dyan tried hard to fight him but he could not win it.

Dyan injures badly due to fighting him. He died. After Dyan died, Abra got into a lot of rages and took Dyan’s strength into him and went straight to fight with that head.

Abra had become very powerful. Due to this, his strength started coming out from within him and in the end due to the release of all his power, that had died.

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